BMW enters League of Legends and five clubs including FPX reach global cooperation

BMW enters League of Legends and five clubs including FPX reach global cooperation
On April 16, BMW Motors announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with five well-known e-sports clubs worldwide.Obviously, the FPX club that won the League of Legends World Championship in 2019 became the only partner from the LPL division.The reporter learned that this is not the first time BMW has set foot in the e-sports market.As early as 2017, BMW reached a cooperation with the King Glory League.The BMW cooperation area is mainly based on the League of Legends project.The five clubs are the FPX club in China’s LPL region, the Cloud 9 club in the US LCS region, the Fnatic club in the European LEC region, the G2 e-sports club in the European LEC region, and the T1 club in the LCK region in South Korea.The cooperation content includes providing BMW cars painted by the corresponding teams for the teams to traverse, creating momentum for the teams on social media, adding BMW LOGO and other aspects of the club uniforms.On April 17, many senior people told reporters that more and more international brands are now choosing to enter the field of e-sports, and Mercedes-Benz, Nike and other brands are all official partners of LPL.The entry of BMW this time may also be a part of fancy e-sports in the youth market.”5 clubs are head players in all regions and around the world, and have a large number of fans.”An e-sports practitioner said,” “E-sports is gradually replacing traditional sports events among young people. BMW’s cooperation is bound to bring the brand to further development and establish long-term connections in the young market.Talking about the original intention of this cooperation, Jens Timmer, senior vice president of BMW customers and brands, said, “E-sports shows how sports and entertainment projects continue to flourish and play a key role.BMW’s original intention in the field of e-sports is to become a trusted partner for global sports e-sports projects and create tangible value for the e-sports industry.”We are very happy that the world’s top brands have chosen to join hands with FPX to enter the global e-sports industry.”Li Chun, CEO of FPX Club, told reporters, “BMW is a company with a century of history, a prestigious technology and a globally recognized company.I believe this partnership will continue to promote innovation in the new era.”Sauna, Ye Wang Qin Che editor Li Weijia proofread Chen Diyan

Will Fengchao take a step back after half a step?

Will Fengchao take a step back after half a step?
On the evening of May 15th, Shenzhen Fengchao Technology Co., Ltd. published the “Notes on User Service Adjustment” on its official WeChat public account, and made the following adjustments to user services: First, it assisted the courier to obtain the user’s consent to submitThe second is to adjust the free storage time of users, extending the free storage time of users from the original 12 hours to 18 hours, and charges 0 every 12 hours after the timeout.5 yuan, 3 yuan capped.The State Council stipulates that there are no charges for holidays and office buildings and Saturdays and Sundays (rest days); third, it has been found that users grant membership rights for one month.The above adjustment measures will be implemented nationwide on May 20.Judging from Fengchao’s latest response, despite being hit hard by consumers, some communities have begun to boycott and even pressure from related parties, but on the core issue of fees or not, Fengchao still has no choice to give up.However, a certain compromise was made.It can be said that Fengchao took a half step back, and once again continued to provide free services as everyone wishes.The reason is that Fengchao can no longer afford to continue, and at the same time, the expansion of the express cabinet market has overlapped partly, especially when other express cabinets have also been replaced by charges, Fengchao believes that it is logical to follow the “rules”.So, if Fengchao persists on the issue of charging, how should consumers respond?Judging from the current market feedback, although some communities have begun to purchase courier cabinets by themselves, it is estimated that it will be difficult to promote on a large scale.After all, someone in Washington pointed out that the cost of a smart express cabinet is currently about 1.80,000-60,000 yuan, taking the community where the author lives as an example, there are about six courier cabinets, which is at least several hundred thousand yuan upfront expenditure, plus daily maintenance costs, this cost is borne by the owner., Or property “pay”, I am afraid it is a problem.If consumers insist that the courier must deliver the goods to their door, they will face the conflict between express delivery time and their work time.Although some consumers may adopt workarounds, some authors have asked couriers to place fire hydrants before, but this actually has problems such as insecurity, and I am afraid that most consumers still need professional collection service points.Without Fengchao, whether there are enough substitutes in the market has become the last channel for consumers to resist Fengchao charges.Although the market’s Cainiao Inn and various convenience stores can provide file storage services, can the number be repeated to “recall” the supply gap brought by Fengchao?At the same time, there is also a key point. According to media reports, although Cainiao and convenience stores provide free services to users, they have to charge couriers like Fengchao, and the cost standard exceeds Fengchao. This makes many couriers prefer to put express deliveryEnter the Feng Nest.This can be polished, behind the Fengchao charging storm is actually a three-party game between consumers, Fengchao and couriers.If Fengchao eventually refuses to make concessions on the issue of charging, there may be several results: First, some consumers who are very sensitive to the charging policy may refuse to use Fengchao by setting in advance, or require the courier service not to be Monday to FridayWorkdays, even Sundays, when you are at home, provide other means to defend your rights.Of course, this has higher requirements for express goods categories (such as fresh or urgent items are not feasible), and it also increases the storage costs of express companies.Once the courier or courier company can not do it, consumers will have conflicts with it.If rights are safeguarded in every dispute, and the corresponding cost of consumers is too high, how many people can persist is a problem.Second, some qualified communities, the industry council and the property have negotiated, and eventually abandoned Fengchao, self-built express cabinets, or other express cabinet enterprises that currently provide free services, but the community must definitely reduce or exempt related management fees, etc., Accumulate the expenditure of express cabinet enterprises.Third, there are still some consumers who do not want to have similar conditions and do not want to pay high rights to protect rights for cents and Fengchao, so as to speed up the pick-up efficiency and can accept the overtime charge proposed by Fengchao.Judging from the current situation, unless Fengchao adjoins Ruiniao Station in a short period of time, it can follow up on a large scale to achieve the same national cell coverage as Fengchao, and more community services such as convenience stores provide express delivery in order to increase customer acquisition channels.Custody service, so as to achieve the “no Fengchao, can still pick up at any time” state that consumers expect, otherwise a considerable percentage of consumers may eventually choose to accept Fengchao’s pricing services.Of course, Fengchao may also face the risk of market (courier, user) loss caused by the expanded layout at any time, and its charging standards may be adjusted.After all, in a competitive market, whether a company actually charges a certain standard depends entirely on user feedback and changes in the competitive landscape.Bi Ge (financial commentator) editor Chen Liyue Cai Zhou proofreading He Yan

[How does Xinyang Maojian taste when it is soaked]_How to do_How to do

[How does Xinyang Maojian taste when it is soaked]_How to do_How to do

Xinyang Maojian, as one of the top ten famous teas in China, has attracted many people’s attention.

The authentic Xinyang Maojian is from Henan and is a unique industry in Henan.

Xinyang Maojian is good for the human body and suitable for health.

Xinyang Maojian’s brewing method is also particular about how to make tea can enhance the taste of tea, and can better extract the essence of tea.

How should Xinyang Maojian be soaked? Let’s take a look.

First, use pure water and glassware, and place hair tips according to personal taste.

When tasting, first rinse the tea set with water, and then place the tip of the hair; wash the tea with 85 ° C water, shake the tea cup, and then pour the washing water, then add water to brew.

After half a minute, drink again, drink tea soup to 1/3 and add water.

Continue to add water and drink until the tea soup fades.

Usually you can drink 3 to 5 times.

Second, Xinyang Maojian is green tea. The main flavoring substances in tea soup are amino acids, alkaloids and tea polyphenols. The difference in the content of the three flavoring substances causes a difference in overall taste.

The ingredients in Xinyang Maojian Tea make the tea have a bitter and astringent taste in the tea soup. When the fragrance of the tea covers the bitterness, it is the performance of Super Xinyang Maojian.

The grade of Xinyang hair tip gradually decreases in fragrance and bitterness begins to appear.

There is no bitterness and astringency, only the chestnut fragrant is super-grade tea, the fragrant and bitter is not the spring tea, and the astringent Xinyang Maojian must be summer tea or old tea.

Third, buying skills Fourth, view shape.

First of all, look at the appearance of Xinyang Maojian, regardless of the grade of tea, the shape of tea must be uniform to exclude non-tea inclusions; the tea must be dried, and it must be squeaked when it is handed. This kind of tea has low oxides.

Grab a tip of Xinyang hair and twist it vigorously to see how dry it is.

The shrinkage of Xinyang hair tip is very strict. It should not be too high or too low. The optimal standard length should be kept at 6.

About 5%.

Fifth, smell the tea.

How about the smell, whether it is fragrant or different types of scent, whether there are offensive, burnt, sour, off-flavors.

Six, taste tea.

Dry Tsui Xinyang Maojian tea is fresh and strong. The taste of the tea soup is slightly bitter and sweet.

Seventh, the taste of Xinyang Maojian is bitter, astringent, sweet, refreshing, put some on the tip of the tongue, and taste it until the taste buds can bring a certain flavor brought by different active ingredients of tea.

Eight, check the tea residue.

See if the bottom of the tea leaves after drinking is bright and yellow, relatively uniform and free of impurities.

Nine, identification of new tea and Chen tea.

The new tea has a bright color and a greenish luster, and its aroma is strong and fresh. The white tea is obvious; the old tea has a darker color, and the luster is dull and even black. The white tea has more attenuation, the aroma is low, and there is no fresh taste.

Ten, tea soup.

The color of the new tea soup is fresh and light green, bright, fresh and long-lasting aroma, rich and long-lasting.

The bottom of the leaves is bright green and clear; the Chen tea soup is lighter in color, the aroma is less refreshing, and the taste is lighter. The bottom of the leaves is not green and black, and it is not bright, and the storage is not good, and it turns yellow after 5 minutes.

Eleven, the difference between true and false hair tips.

The color of the soup is tender green, yellow-green, bright, high-scented, fresh, fresh, strong, mellow and sweet.

The buds are inserted alternately, and the tender stems are round, the edges of the leaves are slightly serrated, and the leaves are thick and bright.

Regardless of whether it is old tea or new tea, the color of the real tea is yellowish green, and the taste varies depending on the freshness, but it is refreshing.

Twelve, alternatives.

The soup is dark green, dark, bitter and odorous. It is both teay and bitter and sour. The mouth feels covered with a layer of bitter film, and the smell is heavy or light.

After the tea is bubbled, the leaf surface is wide, and the buds are usually opposite to the place where the leaves are born.

[How to make ice powder beautiful and delicious?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make ice powder beautiful and delicious?
】 _How to do_How to do

Anyone who has eaten ice powder knows that this snack tastes very smooth, and the color of the appearance is very beautiful, and the price of ice powder is also very cheap, so some people may like it.In addition to eating, you can buy it outside, and you can also make ice powder at home. You must first prepare the relevant ingredients, and then follow the steps below.

How to make ice powder beautiful and delicious?
Ingredients: Prepare 7 grams of ice powder, brown sugar and boiling water.

Method Step 1: Take 7 grams of ice powder, put it in a container, pour in boiling water and stir; 2 until it melts completely, and let it cool naturally after you don’t see the granules;Mix thoroughly; 4. After refrigerating, take out the ice powder, put it in a bowl, and pour in brown sugar juice.

Tips Brown sugar water is also added to the refrigerator to refrigerate, so as to cool off the heat.

Is ice jelly no? Ice jelly tastes like jelly, but ice jelly is not jelly.

But ice powder, transparent, crystal clear, in the bowl, only a little light yellow.

Chopsticks can’t pick up at all, they can only be dug with a spoon.

As soon as it was put in the mouth, it shuddered and slipped down its throat, leaving only a cold aftertaste.

Ice powder, like liquid temporarily condensed to solid, but not as hard, soft, slippery and tender as ice.

Can I put ice powder in the refrigerator?

Ice noodles that are both delicious and beaten are generally eaten immediately. It is best not to overlap them. This may not be very delicious.

If the ice powder will turn into water in the refrigerator, it turns out that the coagulant was added to the original ice powder, and it is thrown away.

1. Pour 5-6 boiling water (not less than 85 months) into the container; 2. Slowly pour a bag of fruit-flavored ice powder (40 grams) into boiling water, remember to pour while stirring to prevent clumpingOh: P3. Stir immediately for 2-4 minutes. Let it cool and serve immediately (it’s better to freeze it in the refrigerator).

4. When you want to eat, you can put fruits, juice, yogurt, milk, syrup, jam, crushed peanuts or walnuts, etc. according to your taste. If you want more refreshing, you can add some ice cubes.

[Efficacy and role of wild almonds]_Benefit_Inevitable

The awards will be changed, and the awards will be given to you, and you will be able to read them, and you will be able to see if you are in the same way. Could you do it? ╁ 略When you are in the air, you will be able to drill down, and you will be able to drill down. You will be able to drill down, and you will be able to drill down, and you will be able to drill down.熸槸杈冧負鐝嶇█鐨勩€傝€屾潖浠佷篃鏈夐噹鐢熸潖浠侊紝閲庣敓鏉忎粊姣斾紶緇熸潖浠佺殑鑽悊浣滅敤鏇撮珮錛屼環鏍間篃浼氭洿鍔犳槀璐點€傛墍浠ュ涓湁閲庣敓鏉忎粊鐨勮瘽錛屽氨搴旇鏉ョ湅涓€鐪嬮噹鐢熸潖浠佺殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢ㄣ€傞噹鐢熸潖浠佹湁浠€涔堣惀鍏諱環鍊?銆佹潖浠佷腑鍚湁鑻︽潖浠佺敊銆傝嫤鏉忎粊鐢欏叿鏈夋姉鑲跨槫鐨勪綔鐢紝瀹冨彲浠ヨ繘鍏ヨ娑蹭笓鏉€鐧岀粏鑳烇紝鑰屽鍋ュ悍緇嗚優娌℃湁浣滅敤錛屽洜姝ゅ彲浠ユ敼鍠勬櫄鏈熺檶鐥囩梾浜虹殑鐥囩姸錛屽歡闀跨梾浜虹敓瀛樻湡銆傚悓鏃訛紝鐢變簬鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勮儭钀濆崪绱狅紝鍥犳鍙互鎶楁哀鍖栵紝闃叉鑷敱鍩轟鏡琚粏鑳烇紝鍏鋒湁棰勯槻鑲跨槫鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?銆佹潖浠佷腑鍚湁涓嶉ケ鍜岃剛鑲€備笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑瀵逛漢浣撶殑鐩婂澶氬錛屽彲浠ヨ皟鑺傝鑴?鑳 頻 鐞 嗚  唙?Interlocking chains are very powerful, and the tweezers are tweeted. The tweezers are made in Korea. They are made in Japan. They are made in the past.樿 E?琛ヨ剳鍋ヨ剳;鏀瑰杽鍏寵妭鐐庣棁鐘跺噺杞葷柤鐥涖€?The newest one is the newest one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a new one.綋鍐呰儐鍥洪唶鐨勫惈閲忥紝榪樿兘鏄捐憲闄嶄綆蹇冭剰鐥呭拰寰堝鎱㈡€х梾鐨勫彂鐥呭嵄闄┿€?銆佹潖浠佷腑鍚湁铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€傝泲鐧借川鏄漢浣撶殑閲嶈緇勬垚閮ㄥ垎錛屽浜轟綋鐨勬柊闄堜唬璋㈠崄鍒嗛噸瑕併€?銆佹潖浠佷腑鍚湁鑴傝偑銆傝剛鑲兘鎻愪緵浜轟滑鐑噺錛屼繚璇佷漢鐨勬棩甯告椿鍔ㄣ€?銆佹潖浠佷腑鍚湁鑳¤悵鍗滅礌銆傛湁澶ч噺鐨勭爺絀惰瘉瀹烇紝鑳¤悵鍗滅礌鍙互棰勯槻鑲跨槫銆佸績琛€綆$柧鐥呭強鐧藉唴闅滅瓑鐤劇梾錛屾槸浜轟綋涓嶅彲緙哄皯鐨勮惀鍏葷礌銆?銆佹潖浠佷腑鍚湁閽欍€侀搧銆佺7絳夊井閲忓厓绱犮€傝繖浜涘井閲忓厓绱犺櫧鐒朵喚閲忓皯錛屼絾鏄浜轟綋璧風潃閲嶈鐨勪綔鐢紝閽欐槸楠ㄩ鐨勯噸瑕佺粍鎴愰儴鍒嗭紝閾佽兘棰勯槻緙洪搧鎬ц傳琛€銆?

Turkey, Turkey kill 22 Turkish soldiers in air raid on Syrian Idlib territory

Turkey, Turkey kill 22 Turkish soldiers in air raid on Syrian Idlib territory
Xinhua News Agency, Ankara, February 27 (Reporter Zheng Siyuan) is talking with the Turkish side on the 27th of the Russian flag 南京夜生活網 of Turkey on the antiques of the Idlib province in northwestern Syria.On the same day, Turkish troops were attacked by Syrian government forces in Idlib, killing 22 Turkish soldiers.  It is reported that Turkish news agency Anadolu reported that Ohio, led by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin, entered the Turkish capital Ankara on the 26th to hold antique talks with Turkey on the issue of Syria.This is the second time that the Russian side has sent to Turkey this month to carry out the Idlib issue.  The report quoted Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying that Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Cedat Ernar and others held talks with Russia.The Turkish side stated that both parties to the conflict in the region should immediately cease fire and implement the agreement signed by the Turkish and Russian sides in Sochi in September 2018 to protect civilians from causing disasters and avoid triggering large-scale refugee flows.  Russian Foreign Minister Zaharova said at a briefing on the Russian Foreign Ministry on the 27th that the Russian President is conducting an Ankara talk with Turkey, covering all issues related to the normalization of the situation in Syria’s Idlib.She said that this round of carbonization could last for many days.The Russian side believes that one of the nature of the escalation in Syria’s domestic tension is that Turkey has not completed the agreement reached in September 2018 by Russia and Turkey to replace it.  Turkish media reported on the 27th that Turkish troops were attacked by government forces in Idlib province on the same day, killing 22 Turkish soldiers and injuring many others.  According to Russian media reports, Syrian opposition forces launched an attack on Syrian government forces in Sarakib, Idlib province on the 27th with the support of Turkish troops.The Turkish army also fired portable anti-aircraft missiles against the armed Russian fighter planes that bombed the opposition, but the Russian fighter planes resolved the attack.  The Turkish Ministry of Defence issued a statement on the 27th, saying that Turkish Defense Minister Akar had a phone conversation with US Secretary of Defense Esper on the same day to exchange views on finding a solution to the Idlib issue and the U.S. and regional defense issues.  Syria’s Idlib province, bordering Turkey, is the last major area of internal control of opposition armed and extremist groups in Syria.Syrian government forces have been hoping to recapture this 佛山桑拿網 area.In September 2018, Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan met in Sochi, Russia, and the two sides decided to establish a demilitarized zone between Syrian government forces and opposition armed forces in Idlib province.According to the agreement, Turkey has established 12 observation points in Idlib in the name of monitoring the ceasefire.Recently, the Syrian government army and the Turkish army broke out in Idlib. Both sides suffered casualties in the exchange of fire.The Russian army also participated in the strike against militants in the region degraded in the Idlib conflict.(Participating reporter: Liu Yang)

Guoxuan High-tech (002074): Overseas cooperation speeds up in the next city

Guoxuan High-tech (002074): Overseas cooperation speeds up in the next city

Event: Recently, the company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Hefei Guoxuan and India’s Tata AutoComp have completed the “Joint Venture Agreement”. The two parties plan to jointly invest in India to establish a joint venture company, mainly engaged in battery module, battery management system and other businesses.

Among them, Hefei Guoxuan invested 40 million Indian rupees (about 393 yuan) in cash.

760,000 yuan), will hold 40% equity.

This joint venture and cooperation will definitely provide important strategic opportunities for the company’s international market development and sustainable development.

Overseas support continues to make progress in the next city: domestic support, the company currently has JAC, BAIC New Energy, Zotye, Yutong Bus, SAIC, Zhongtong Bus, Ankai Bus and many other strategic cooperation customers.
In terms of overseas support, the company signed a procurement framework agreement with BOSCH, which will 西安耍耍網 provide automotive 12V lithium iron phosphate start-stop batteries for end users or throughout the world.

With this cooperation with Tata of India, the company’s gradual progress is further accelerated. The company is expected to transform into the resource force of Tata Group in the future and penetrate into the Indian market with promising new energy vehicles. If the cooperation is successfully implemented, it will significantly increase the company’s performance.

In fact, the company’s other overseas ternary battery projects are also actively promoted, and it is expected to achieve a breakthrough in 19Q3.

Full orders and full production and sales, 19 years is expected to grow to 10GWh: In 2019, the company’s supply models are expected to focus on the range of 300-400km, the product energy density is mainly concentrated 四川耍耍網 on 140-160Wh / kg.

According to GGII data, the company’s expansion volume reached zero in the first quarter.

6GWh, the installed capacity reached 0 in April.

28GWh, ranked third.

According to the company announcement, the company has negotiated supply strategies with long-term cooperative customers such as BAIC, JAC, Chery, and Zotye. The current orders are full, and the order is expected to be above 12GWh. The expected increase is expected to reach 10GWh (three yuan is expected to be around 1GWh).Expected results are expected.

Perfect industrial chain layout and smooth expansion of production capacity: The company actively lays out upstream resources, establishes a joint venture with MCC in Caofeidian, Tangshan, and establishes a stable supply relationship of cobalt and nickel raw materials. The company and Shanghai Electric jointly establish a company based on power lithium battery energy storage businessTo further expand the scope of business.

In 2018, the “Industrialization Project of 4GWh High Specific Energy Lithium Battery Industrialization Project” and “Nanjing Guoxuan Annual Production of 300 million Ah High Specific Energy Power Lithium Battery Industrialization Project” and other projects have been partially put into production in batches, and the production capacity was quickly obtainedfreed.

According to GGII data, the company’s capacity scale at the end of 2018 is 7-8GWh, and the effective capacity is expected to reach 14GWh in 2019, including 2GWh ternary capacity and 12GWh iron and lithium capacity.

Long-term planning is expected to reach 30GWh capacity by the end of 2020 and 50GWh capacity by 2022.

Investment advice: We expect the company’s revenue growth from 2019 to 2021 to be 127.

47%, 22.

89%, 28.

85%, net profit growth rate was 74.

47%, 24.

40%, 27.


Maintain the company’s buy-A investment rating, with a 6-month target price of 20.

00 yuan.

Risk warning: intensified product competition, new energy vehicle development is less than expected, and overseas cooperation progress is lower than expected

Beijing New Building Materials (000786): The main business profit is gradually stabilizing. Signal internationalization + waterproof new business opens up growth space

Beijing New Building Materials (000786): The main business profit is gradually stabilizing. Signal internationalization + waterproof new business opens up growth space

Due to the impact of foreign exchange losses in the third quarter of 19th, deducting non-net profit basically stabilized the company’s 3Q19 revenue of 37.

800 million, +7 per year.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

800 million, a year -8.

6%; net profit after deduction 7

400 million, only slightly reduced by 0 every year.

56%, in line with our expectations.

The company’s preliminary net profit attributable to the mother is 3 billion?

5 trillion range, corresponding to 4Q profit range 3.


600 million yuan.

Impact on net profit if added to US litigation (18.

4.6 billion), corresponding to the expected core performance21.


9.6 billion, sixth grade 6.

9% -13%.

  Comments: 1) 3Q19 gross profit margin is now stabilizing indicators.

The company’s 3Q gross profit margin was 36.

7%, 0% improvement per year / mo.

7ppt / 1.

2ppt, we expect mainly due to the gradual decline of the base in the same period last year and the further decline in the cost side.

2) Foreign exchange losses lead to increased settlement costs.

In the third quarter of 19, non-operating expenses increased by 52.87 million annually, mainly due to the increase in exchange losses in gypsum board cases and settlement fees.

3) The sales expense ratio increased significantly.

The company’s 3Q19 sales expense ratio growth rate / QoQ increased by 3 respectively.

5ppt / 2.

8ppt to 5.

9%, mainly due to the company’s 3Q transportation, advertising and exhibition costs increased.

4) Company 1?
Cash flow from operating activities in 3Q19 was -25% to 13.

US $ 8.6 billion was mainly due to additional increases in paid employee compensation and other operating-related cash.

  Development Trend The profitability of gypsum board is expected to stabilize at the bottom, and the leader continues to expand.

In August and September, the increase in the area of completed houses in a single month increased from -1% in July to 3% and 5%, respectively, and the positive signals of completion demand continued to strengthen.

Looking ahead to 4Q19, the cost-side waste paper price has dropped significantly, and we believe 無錫夜網 that the profitability of gypsum board is stabilizing at the bottom.

In terms of production capacity, the company is actively promoting the medium-term layout of 4 billion square meters in China (currently 2.7 billion square meters) and 1 billion square meters overseas.

  Promote the “one body and two wings” layout and open up the medium-term growth space.

The company plans to construct a gypsum board with a 20% waterproof and 20% coating “one body and two wings” layout, and proposes to achieve the top three in the country in three years.
In August this year, the company acquired a 70% stake in Shuyang Waterproof. Shuyang achieved a net profit of 69.11 million yuan in 18 years. Based on a conservative estimate of a 19% profit growth rate of 25%, this acquisition is expected to contribute to Beixin’s 19-year consolidated 青島夜網 net profit.
20 million yuan.

  Earnings forecast and estimate As 2019E non-operating expenses are raised to reflect the increase in settlement fees, 2019e / 20eEPS30 is reduced.
7% / 0.

8% to 0.


54 yuan.

The current sustainable correspondence for 2019 / 20e is not EPS14.

3x / 12.

2x, maintain outperforming industry, considering the estimated transition to 2020e, maintain target price of 21.

8 yuan (corresponding to 2019 / 20e deduction non-EPS multiple is 16.

6x / 14.

1x), with 16% upside.

  Risk completion demand is sluggish and gypsum board prices are below expectations.

Don’t let failed tutors cut off children’s Huigen

Don’t let failed tutors cut off children’s Huigen

Obstacle 1: Preconception is the product of our empiricism.

It is a very trouble-free way to predict in advance how our loved ones will react in certain situations, and then take corresponding actions based on this advance.

Have you ever said something like “I didn’t tell you I was afraid you would get upset after knowing”?

As a result, you will find that this person is upset because of your kind intentions and doing so often.

As another example, every time Steve goes home, his mother always reminds him “don’t forget your coat.” The last time Steve forgot his coat was when he was eight years old, his mother realized thatFor 37 years at this time, Steve didn’t make much progress.

  If Helen.

Keller only stays at home and the people around her do everything for her, then her life is a very limited life.

Indeed, her family thinks she has been hurt so much, what else could she do on her own.

However, another person finally came to Helen, and her views were different from Helen’s family, which gave Helen an opportunity for development.

  When people are preconceived, they forget one of the most beautiful characteristics of human beings, that is, everyone has the ability to learn and change from time to time.

Preconceived hints or warnings to children: “Yesterday you were a child, and today I can only allow you to be like that.

“This will cause a lot of frustration for others, and it will be easier for children who are developing rapidly.

  Famous psychologist B.


Skinner found that rats constantly respond to stimuli around them based on instincts and habits, but humans respond to stimuli based on their beliefs.

When the stimulus reaches the brain and attracts attention, it passes through the human mind system, and according to this, a series of reaction possibilities are generated.

The brain judges these possibilities based on big ideas to choose or create a behavior.

At the same time, the progress of individual behaviors is constantly changing the original concept.

Therefore, the response to the same stimulus is different at different times. For example, there is a fire in some places, someone rushes out, and some people may run across the flames barefoot, but next time they encounter similar situationsAt that time, they may learn to be good and start to try other methods.

  If we realize that others will grow and change, then we will tolerate the changes of others and the changes in our relationship with them.

Before we recognize how others are doing, we better ask ourselves a question: “If I abandon my original opinion, what will it be?

“The answer is very simple:” Let me see.

“If possible, it is better to predict nothing first, not to be preconceived, not to interfere with changes, and even to observe and discover.

  Steve has a vision of his mother’s decision to remain silent when he goes out, instead of reminding him not to forget to take a coat.

Steve thinks this should be the case, and I’m afraid he can’t help but ask his mother, “Are you going to remind me of your coat?”
“No, dear,” said the imaginary mother, “I think if the coat is important to you, you will remember it.

Steve would say, “Yes, I still carry it.

The weather outside will get colder.

“In this way, his mother will find with satisfaction that forty-seven years later, her son has finally learned something.

  Obstacle 2: Rescue or Explain As parents or teachers, we often interfere prematurely with what children are doing to save children, but allow them to repay the consequences of their actions, or we ignore the significance of children’s explanations rather than helpThey find things meaningful to themselves.

  It is generally believed that good parents or teachers explain things to children, but everyone knows that true good parents or teachers explore with children to help children explain things themselves.

Foreign explanations are often more confused.

I don’t know if you have this kind of experience. Someone is familiar with something, but you don’t know anything. He explained to you endlessly, but the more he explained, the more unclear you were.

  When children do one thing, premature adult intervention and explanations often make them frustrated.

Adults’ “perfect, clever” often confuses them, making them feel more incompetent and more vulnerable.

If something happens, they think, “What can I do if my lord is not here?”

“, Thereby losing confidence and relying on others.

  Those who intervene too quickly and worry about others are called savers or empowerers.
These callers or rescuers rescue others, keeping them flawed, leaving them vulnerable but manipulated.
They often say, “This is the truth of the matter”, “This is the reason for the matter”, “You better do this so that you can make things smooth” and so on.

Their words are full of hints: you are incompetent, you should not encounter such problems, you need help, I can help you, and so on.

Savers almost never encourage children to develop self-confidence in their abilities.

  There are many newly-married couples. Before they got married, because they had their parents to do everything, they tilted and worried after they got married. They do n’t know if they can afford to buy things, buy insurance, balance family income and expenditure, arrange houses, etc.Problems that must be faced.

Because their parents often play the role of savior, the result is that after their children get married, their “toolbox” still lacks the necessary living tools.

  Parents go too fast to help their children and prevent them from gaining their own life experience.

By providing explanations to their children too quickly, parents have prevented them from raising awareness.

In this case, what parents should do is actually do nothing, wait patiently, and patiently inspire the child to experience, think, and act. This is what parents can help their children to achieve more development.opportunity.
  Obstacle 3: Guidance Guidance is another behavior that hinders your child’s growth for your convenience.

It is easier to interfere with children’s actions and guide them in our way than to invite children to take an active part in and accept children’s different behaviors.

However, man is an independent animal, and he requires others to respect his uniqueness to a certain extent.

If we interfere and direct others’ actions too early, we are creating hostility, resistance, and attack.

  Imagine this situation: you meet a bunch of enthusiastic mentors or bosses, and for each step of your work, although you can do it yourself, he still insists to tell you in detail.

If this situation lasts for a long time, you may not be able to stand up and start looking for another job. At least, your enthusiasm and desire for work will quickly decline.

However, if your boss can encourage you to make your own contribution with respect, then you can believe that your boss thinks you are useful.

  We all understand that coaching places a great burden on the instructed.

But as parents, we keep telling our children “pick this up; set it aside; you should take a shower; don’t forget to drink milk before the school bus comes” and so on.

Children often refuse to listen to our puppets, and sometimes even confront us. Parents feel frustrated when doing so. In fact, the purpose of children to do so is to defend their “sovereignty.”

  Coaching is probably one of the most common obstacles in family life and it is a sign of parental lack of patience.

If we are patient and encourage children to do the right thing for the family or for themselves, and think of their autonomy, the effect will be much better.

Now suppose your house is in a mess, but there are customers coming soon, with the responsibility to prepare the children, and instruct them to do what they do, it ‘s better to say: “Children, I have friends to come later, but the house is too messy.

It would be a great help for me if you guys can sort this out for me.

“It turned out to be unexpectedly good: the shoes on the floor, the stinky socks seemed to disappear magically, and the room seemed unprecedentedly uncluttered.

  We said just now that the results of the coaching made the parents frustrated. In fact, the coaching made the children frustrated and made them feel incompetent. In order to protect themselves, they became more stubborn and often rebellious.

A woman who participated in our training course told something she had personally experienced, which proves this point.

  She said: “I often posted a list of household chores for my husband and children to do at home before going to work.

But every time I go home, I find that the home is still the same, and they are only half-heartedly doing what is assigned to them.

I have never had anyone who hated this instruction sheet.

They are really passionate about what they should do.

This is a big joke.

“During the training course, the woman became very excited. She spent almost all night thinking about what to do in the training session the next day. She was thinking about it the next morning, so she forgot the time.
By the time she came to her senses, she would be late.

While walking hurriedly, she said to her husband, “Today I must attend a training course, and I cannot arrange household chores.

Someone in our family is coming tonight. If you come back earlier than me, I would be very grateful if you could help me with something.

“When she got home, she found that supper was cooked on the stove, the washing machine was placed downstairs, and her husband was cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner.

  She asked, “What happened?”

He said, “I know you’re in a hurry, because you don’t have time to write that dead instruction sheet.

When I was cleaning the room just now, I was thinking that I had lived successfully for thirty years before we got married.

I pay my bills, take care of what I should do, entertain my friends, arrange my life, but since I got married, I have never been trusted again.
In fact, when my mother was doing things for me, I felt the same about her as I do now.
And I eventually left my mother to find another woman.

“This story tells us that neither adults nor children like being guided.

In fact, all the obstacles and constructive factors mentioned in this chapter work in the relationship of all people, not just in parent-child relationships.

Let’s look at another example.

We know that there are many schools in a community, and one of the community’s faculty training coordinators is a restricted, controlled, and mentored person. She often reduces the number of people participating in community development training to the level of children in kindergartens.Annoyed at her.

During a training event, after the first day of training, she told the scholars, “I ask each of you to pick up your own cup and throw it into the trash can before leaving.

“It turned out there were extra people as if they didn’t hear them, and their cups were still there.

Who are these scholars?

They are all school principals, senior inspectors, and other people with great potential. As a result, they are like children, resisting the guidance of others.

  The next day, we intervened and adopted another behavior.

We said to the scholars: “After our training class, the school is connected here for another meeting.

The school asked us to ensure that the conference room is in good condition after everyone leaves.

We would appreciate it if you could spend a few more minutes helping us clean up the room.

“As a result, the researchers straightened their chairs, re-dipped their carbs, wiped the blackboard, and they did everything they needed to do.

By inviting them to help and encouraging them to contribute, these publications put in extra effort; through command and guidance, the female coordinator, as she saw it herself, caused resistance and hostility.

  As we try to guide others, we may ask ourselves the following two questions.

  1 “If we don’t manipulate it in our own way, will our world stop running?

“If the answer is yes, then we should step in to deal with it.

But even so, guidance should be our last choice. The first thing we need is careful consideration.

If the answer is no, then ask yourself a second question.

  2 “Does the person I want to coach need to develop the ability to make a life plan for himself?

“If the answer is yes, then all we have to do is to simply stop coaching.

How can a person learn to plan if he has never had a chance to plan for himself?

If a person is never allowed to execute a flawed plan, how can he learn to face the flaws in the plan?

In other words, how can a person learn to overcome the shortcomings of the plan when he is afraid to improve the shortcomings of the plan because he has lost courage?

It can be said that our greatest success is often obtained from failure. As long as we do not take failure too seriously, as long as we have the courage to try, failure is the mother of success.

Summer health ingredients steamed eggplant with chrysanthemum

Summer health ingredients steamed eggplant with chrysanthemum

Click on the picture to buy the eyes are the windows of the soul, who doesn’t want to have a pair of bright eyes!

But now many people are facing mobile phones and computers, and they are really hurting their eyes.

Today, Xiaobian recommends a diet recipe that is good for the eyes: steamed eggplant with chrysanthemums.

  Chrysanthemum steamed eggplant production method: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 1 purple eggplant, refined salt, vinegar, sesame oil each amount.

After washing the chrysanthemum, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until boiling, remove the chrysanthemum and leave it for soup; cut the washed purple eggplant (with skin) into strips, and put it in the bowl with the chrysanthemum soupMedium, steam over water, about 15?
20 minutes; add an appropriate amount of sesame oil, refined salt, vinegar, mix well and serve, nourishing yin and liver, clearing heat and brightening eyesight.

  Chrysanthemum can relieve wind and clear heat, calm the liver and clear eyes, detoxify and reduce swelling, and is mainly used to treat complications such as red eyes, dizziness, headache, and upset fever.

In particular, it has a good conditioning effect on eye diseases. It can treat erythema and swelling caused by empirical fires (wind-heat or liver-fire attack), as well as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension (kidney yin deficiency or liver yang).) Hyperactivity, etc.) caused the eyes to be unclear, eyes faint.

  Modern pharmacological research shows that chrysanthemum contains volatile oil, pyrethroid, adenine, amino acids, choline, stachyline, berberine, flavonoids, chrysanthemum pigments, vitamins, trace elements and other substances, which can resist pathogens and enhance capillary resistance.Lili has various pharmacological activities such as treating coronary heart disease, reducing blood pressure, preventing hyperlipidemia, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and so on.

  Eggplant has high nutritional value and contains protein, trace amounts, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins, which can help maintain acid-base balance and have anti-cancer health effects.

Especially purple eggplant, vitamin p, can increase the resistance of microvessels and prevent bleeding.

In addition, eggplant contains a variety of alkaloids and soap grass powder.

Soapweed has the effect of lowering cholesterol in the blood, so it is very useful for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  It should be noted that chrysanthemums and eggplants are homogenous, so people who have indigestion, prone to diarrhea, spleen and stomach deficiency, and pregnant women who have loose stools should not eat more.

In addition, the above recipes avoid crab meat.

Eggplant and crab meat are cold foods, and gastrointestinal discomfort often occurs together. Serious diarrhea may occur, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency should pay more attention to it.

  Eating eggplant with skin can promote the absorption of vitamin c.

It is best not to peel the eggplant, because the eggplant skin is suitable for B vitamins.

Vitamin C’s metabolism needs the support of B vitamins. Eating eggplant with skin helps to promote vitamin C absorption.

In addition, it is recommended to choose fresh eggplants. Old eggplants after autumn contain solanine, which is harmful to the human body and should not be eaten more.

  If you have a pair of bright eyes, you must eat more steamed eggplant with chrysanthemums, which is really good for your eyes.

Of course, in daily life, you must learn to protect your eyes and pay attention to rest.