2015CBA Finals Ⅱ-Liaoning wins Beijing with a total score of 1:1 Hudson scored 41 points

2015CBA Finals Ⅱ-Liaoning wins Beijing with a total score of 1:1 Hudson scored 41 points
Beijing time on March 12, the second game of the CBA finals between Beijing and Liaoning continued at home in Liaoning.Although the Beijing team scored a 26-14 single quarter score in the third quarter and led into the fourth quarter, but with the continuous breakthrough counterattack of Liaoning team Liu Zhixuan, Han Dejun and Guo Ailun in the fourth quarter, Hudson’s consecutive unreasonable hits,Scored 17 points in a single quarter.The Liaoning team defeated Beijing 108-94 and changed the score to 1:1.Hudson fast break layup Hudson is a highlight of the Liaoning team this game, he got 20 points and 8 rebounds at the end of the half.He scored 41 points and 13 rebounds.In the second quarter, he hit four 3-pointers in a single quarter. At the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter, in addition to his continuous shooting, he also successively assisted Han Dejun to succeed, helping the team to open the score difference several times.In the crucial fourth quarter he scored 17 points by himself.He Tianju felt very hot at the beginning. In addition to scoring 8 points in the opening, he also had a magical performance of 6 points in the second quarter.His miraculous play once disrupted the defensive layout of the Beijing team.  In the third quarter when the team defensive breakthrough he also steals Marbury to add a magical performance of chasing 3 points.He scored 18 points and 3 rebounds in the game.Guo Ailun’s data is not very gorgeous today, only 15 points.But his attitude on the court was very positive and tough. In the second quarter, when he was facing Marbury’s fast fall, he was very tough and fell to the ground to catch a technical foul.In a deadly process, he also fell heavily on the ground, his expression very painful.But performance like that reflects his absolute desire for victory.  Han Dejun also performed well today, scoring 12 points. He made a lot of mistakes against the opponent’s tough defense.Although Thompson got 12 points and 16 rebounds.But he made consecutive mistakes throughout the game, giving the Beijing team a chance to fight back several times.Liaoning team led the Beijing team in rebounding data, especially offensive rebounds, winning 19:7.Marbury showed his strong strength today and won in the whole game.In the second quarter of the team’s highest difficulty, he played very cleverly and had different ways of playing against different defenders of the Liaoning team.Both Guo Ailun and Han Dejun caused fouls.He scored 24 points in the game.  Sun Yue continued the fiery feel of the last game, he scored 15 points in the game.In the third quarter of the overtaking score, he first put in three points, then broke through, and finally caused Hudson’s three-point foul to score 8 consecutive points.Morris was not very efficient in the offense at the beginning, but then he faced defender Han Dejun with frequent jumpers and played his own rhythm. With his favorite CIC, he helped the team overtake in the third quarter.He got the highest score of 27 points and 10 rebounds for the Beijing team today.The finals adopt a 2-3-2 system, and the next two parties will move to Beijing for the third game.Starting from both sides: Liaoning: Han Dejun, Li Xiaoxu, He Tianju, Hudson, Guo Ailun Beijing: Ji Zhe, Zhang Songtao, Sun Yue, Marbury, Zhai Xiaochuan

Green You 2 Yu Yan: I like to put pressure on myself, I don’t deliberately converge

“Green You 2” Yu Yan: I like to put pressure on myself, I don’t deliberately converge
Among the more than 100 girls in “Youth Has You 2”, Yu Yan is like a burning flame, dazzling and aggressive.She exudes charm, ambition, sharpness, perseverance, and determination. It is hard not to attract her attention on stage.Many people say that Yu Yan is a dark horse in “You 2”.From the debut of the stage in less than five minutes, to “Inflammable and Explosive”, the theme song stage has repeatedly won the “A”, and now her ranking has risen from fifteenth to third place.But the popularity is always wrapped up with criticism, Yu Yan frankly, after participating in the program caused external scruples, but did not deliberately converge, “Unless it is correct, professional evaluation, I will learn.”It’s a kind of” good “caring.”The following is a rhetoric of rhetoric-” If you have time to be confused, it’s better to move quickly. “I have not easily been on the stage, but I still can’t forget the feeling on the stage.Only standing on the stage seems to be the real self, which is why I came to “You 2”.Recalling the first time I stood on the stage, I still don’t know what the “stage” is like, and I’m not fully prepared.And this time I stood on the stage again, I felt that I had prepared for a long time, the state was better than the original, but the difference was the inner feeling, I was more expecting than the original, and I missed the stage more.When I announced the ranking for the first time, it was the fifteenth place. I didn’t think it was low.Because I have n’t appeared in everyone ‘s vision for about four years, and there are many people who support me (I rarely call fans fans, because I feel that fans can only be regarded as a unified name, but I rarely call it this way)Paying attention to me, everyone still remembers a person like Yu Yan, I feel very good.I did n’t come here for ranking, I valued the stage more.If you do not appear in the show later, these works are left by you, and the ranking is only temporary.So from my debut to the present, I will be unhappy, but not confused.Because I have always been sober, I know what I want, and I know what the goal is.Just do it.If you have time to be confused, you might as well act quickly.”I’m not cold, independence is born” straight steel daughter, straight male, contrast cute, high cold, cool?In these few words, I don’t seem to feel the iron daughter, Gao Leng is not in line with me.Maybe I’m cold in everyone’s impression.My independence is born. My parents raised me as a boy since I was a child. Any requirements will satisfy me, but I will not be too spoiled, not like petting a little girl.Almost all things let me do it by myself and cultivate my independence.I never felt that I was in the acting world.After participating in the variety show for the first time, I was still swaying on the street. I didn’t know to wear sunglasses. I wanted to go out and eat, and I didn’t think I was a big star.There were really no worries at the time, and it might be the same in the future. I will have basic cultivation as an artist, but I will not hide myself.But now, there may be a little scruples.As he grows older, his personality becomes more stable.But I did not deliberately converge.I do n’t know what the outside world says about me. What people say about me does n’t matter.Unless it is correct, professional evaluation, I will learn.This is a kind of “good” care.Sauna Night Net: How do you resolve your emotions when faced with doubts from the outside world?Yu Yan: The pressure has turned into motivation, what else to resolve?If I have to be stressed and need to resolve it, that is, eating something I didn’t usually eat, like cakes and ice cream, I will be very happy.Sauna Nightnet: Have you set your own goals for yourself?Yu Yan: Take the first place, and there are more special stages.Because I like to put pressure on myself, I have to set a very high goal and force myself to move towards it. Whether it is achieved or not, it is a motivation.Sauna Night Net: If the group is formed in the end, what kind of role do you want to be in the team?Yu Yan: I can do anything, even if no one is doing it, I will do the dirty work.Sauna Night Net: Which artist in the performing arts circle is your goal and role model?Yu Yan: I only look at business capabilities, Beyonce (laughs), maybe a little far away, but my goal of hard work.Sauna Night Net: What do you want to say most to the people who have supported you for years?Yu Yan: I hope they don’t take me too seriously, and hope that they put themselves first.Don’t influence them because of my things.Because I am an artist, in addition to singing and dancing, I still hope to bring positive energy and happiness to everyone.If they are unhappy or psychologically burdened because of my affairs, they lose their original meaning.So I still hope they only see the happy side.I am a person who doesn’t care. I hope they will ignore the strange sounds just like me.It doesn’t matter, those who don’t speak well, just let them talk to themselves and ignore them.It is the most important thing for everyone to be happy.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin

[How to drink green carrot soup-]_ The correct way_How to make

銆愰潚钀濆崪姹ゆ€庝箞鍋氬ソ鍠?銆 撱 姝 g ‘Guo 氭 硶 _How to prepare a pot?
Inspiring and inspiring, inspiring and inspiring, and inspiring instructors, inspiring, and inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, and inspiring.昏鐨勬槸钀ュ吇涓板瘜瀵逛漢浣撳瓨鍦ㄦ湁璁稿鐨勫ソ澶勩€傛瘮濡傚闀夸漢浣撶殑鍏嶇柅鍔涖€佹帶鍒剁檶緇嗚優鐨勭敓闀褲€佷績榪涙秷鍖栦互鍙婁繚鎶や漢浣撹偁閬撳拰闄嶈鑴傘€侀檷琛€鍘嬬瓑絳夈€傝悵鍗滄堡鐨勫仛娉曟槸鏈夊緢澶氱殑錛岄偅涔堟€庢牱鍋氶潚钀濆崪姹ゆ瘮杈冨ソ鍠濆憿?涓嬮潰灝辨潵璇︾粏鐨勪粙緇嶄竴涓嬨€傞潚钀濆崪涓濆捀姹ょ敤鏂?錛氶潚钀濆崪涓€鏍廣€侀矞鑲?涓€鍧椼€侀浮铔嬩袱涓€佹搗綾充竴灝忔妸 銆?闈㈢矇灝戣銆侀鐩愰€傞噺銆侀浮綺鵑€傞噺 銆?濮滈€傞噺(鎰熷啋澶氬姞涓€浜?銆 available 1.闈 掕 悵 鍗 撆 咲 奲 噀 噣 厺 鎺 鎿 鴻 ︽ 垚 痕 嬕 笣 Admitted to be inconvenience or inconvenience or inconvenience?.椴 滆 倝 卒 囦 竵 銆?.楦 峲 鎼 呭 寢 囶 囩 助 劤 劆?.閿呴噷鏀炬補錛屽姞鍏ユ帶姘寸殑嫻風背鐓庝竴浼ル鐓庝竴浼ラ矞鑲変竵鐐掔啛錛屽啀钁卞涓濈炕鐐掋€?.鏀鵑潚钀濆崪涓濓紝鐐掑幓钀濆崪鐨勮荊姘斻€?.鍔犻€傞噺鐨勬竻姘達紝澶х伀鐑с€?.What’s the matter? Do you have a sorrow? Do you have a sorrow?.寮€閿呴潰綺夋按鍔犲叆钀濆崪涓濇堡閲岋紝綾諱技浜庡嬀鑺″惂!鍕捐姟鐨勭▼搴︾湅鑷繁鐨勫彛鍛熾€?.絳夋堡鍐嶆婊氬紑鍚庡€掑叆楦¤泲娑詫紝鍏崇伀銆?0.絳夊埌楦¤泲鍑濆浐鍐嶆悈鍖€錛屽姞鍏ラ鐩愬拰灝戣楦$簿璋?The problem is that you will be able to make up for it, and you will be able to use it to make up for it. You will be able to find out how to use it. If you want to use it, you will be able to use it to get it to work. 鈥 駀ゅ 姛 叁?闈掕悵鍗滅‘瀹炲彲浠ュ寮哄厤鐤姏鍔熻兘錛屼負浜嗘姂鍒惰韓浣撶檶緇嗚優鐨勭敓闀褲€傝繕鑳戒績榪涙秷鍖栵紝鑳芥湁鏁堢殑鍒嗚В椋熺墿涓殑娣€綺夊拰鑴傝偑錛屾帶鍒惰儍閰歌繃澶氱殑鎯呭喌銆備互鍙婁繚鎶よ偁鑳冿紝鏈夊姪浜庤儍鑲犳恫鍒嗘硨鐨勶紝鑳借鑳冭揪鍒板ソ鐨勭姸鎬併€傚悆钀濆崪鍙檷浣庢垜浠殑琛€鑴傦紝紼沖畾琛€鍘嬶紝榪欐槸寰堝ソ鐨勫姛鏁堛€傛兂鍑忚偉鐨勬湅鍙嬩滑涔熷彲浠ュ悆钀濆崪錛岃悵鍗滄墍鍚儹閲忔You can use it as a guide, and you will be able to see how it works, if you want to check it, if you want to check it, you will be able to see if you can do it or not.熸晥涓嶄粎鍙互緇х畫淇濇寔錛岃繕鑳芥洿濂界殑铻嶅叆韜綋涓€?

[Female cervical erosion is mostly caused by men]_Men

[Female cervical erosion is mostly caused by men]_Men

From its clinical statistics, 78-year-old patients account for 78.

About 8%, the incidence of judicial erosion is as high as 90%.

Cervical erosion was originally a common disease among women aged 35 to 50. Now, the phenomenon of aging is so severe that young women can pay enough attention to it.

“Because the innervation of blood pressure belongs to the visceral nervous system, the patient is not sensitive to pain, so some erosions on the surface of the cervix are even very serious and do not cause symptoms of the patient’s seizures, which can easily cover the patient’s condition and relax his vigilance.

The patient reappeared with pain, “indicating that the infection had spread.”

Severe cervical erosion has been clearly regarded as a “precancerous lesion” by the medical community.


Hengli Petrochemical (600346): Cash flow continues to improve, and PTA and ethylene projects continue to grow rapidly

Hengli Petrochemical (600346): Cash flow continues to improve, and PTA and ethylene projects continue to grow rapidly

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and achieved operating income of 763 in the first three quarters.

29 trillion, +74 for ten years.

14%; net profit attributable to mother 68.

1.7 billion, +86 a year.


Among them, Q3 2019 single quarter realized operating income of 339.

96 trillion, ten years +95.

61%, +24.

62%; net profit attributable to mother 27.

96 trillion, ten years +57.

96%, compared to -20.


EPS0 for the first three quarters.

98 yuan.

  Main points: 1.

The large-scale refining and chemical project was put into operation, and the cash flow improved significantly. On May 17, 2019, the company’s 2000 annual budget / year large-scale refining and chemical project of the company was formally put into full production. It has now been consolidated and the company’s fixed assets have risen to 82 billion yuan.

The output and sales volume of the project were 479 for chemicals.

3 Announcements / 478.

41 average, refined oil 171.

91 Statutory / 170.

79 ounces.

  Taking the total product volume of 378 in the third quarter to exclude measurement (excluding PX and acetic acid for own use), the Q3 of this project is running at full capacity in a single quarter.

For Q1-Q3 2019, the company’s net cash flows from operating activities were -38.

05 billion, 161.

8 billion, 142.

4.8 billion.

It can be seen that after the refining and petrochemical projects are put into production, the company’s cash flow has improved significantly.

However, due to the company’s multiple projects under construction, it is still in a period of intensive capital expenditure and the asset-liability ratio is as high as 80.


  In the first three quarters of 2019, the company reorganized PTA, and the production and sales of polyester business were basically stable. Among them, polyester sales increased and PTA decreased.

In terms of price, polyester filament (-9% for civilian use and -17 for industry).

63%), polyester chips (-10.

9%), engineering plastics and polyester film (-15.

09%), PTA (-1.

31%) The average price of products shifted to varying degrees.

At present, the market is too pessimistic about downstream demand, but according to our calculations, from January to August 2019, upstream polyester filaments gradually gained 1996 instead of +13.

5%; gradually export 179.

74 Initially, at least +15.3%; gradually net exports 172.

660,000, ten years +17.

03%; apparent consumption is 1824 per year, an increase of 13 per year.



The PTA and ethylene projects are expected to be put into production at the end of 19 and early 20s. (1) The 重慶耍耍網 company is constructing a 150-ton / year ethylene project, including a 150-ton ethylene unit and supporting 12 sets of chemical units, to further increase the added value of products and the competitiveness of refining.

The project is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019, and will be fully operational at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

  According to the project feasibility study report, after the project is fully operational, it is expected to achieve annual sales income of 24.3 billion yuan and an average annual net profit of approximately 4.3 billion yuan.

(2) The 250 budget / year PTA-4 project is under construction and is expected to be commissioned for production in the fourth quarter of 2019.

According to the feasibility study report, after the project has reached production and efficiency, it is estimated that the average annual sales income will be 112.573 million yuan and the annual average total profit will be 906.98 million yuan.

At the same time, there are 250 PTTA-5 projects expected to be completed in mid-2020, when the company’s total PTA production capacity will reach 1160 years / year.

(3) A 135-ton high-performance multi-functional high-quality new textile material project is under construction.

It is estimated that the annual sales income is expected to be 156 after the project is fully in production.

60,000 yuan (including tax), the total annual profit is 2,661.8 million yuan, and the profit after tax is 1,999.63 million yuan.


Earnings forecast and rating We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for 2019-2021 will be 91.

8.3 billion, 117.

48 ppm and 145.

490,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 1.

30 yuan, 1.

67 yuan and 2.

07 yuan, PE 12.

5X, 9.

8X and 7.


Considering that the company’s large-scale refining and chemical projects are in production and entering the harvesting period, at the same time, it is accelerating the improvement of the integrated development of the entire industrial chain and increasing the added value.

  Risk warning: macroeconomic fluctuations, rising product prices, and project commissioning progress is less than expected.

AVIC Capital (600705): First coverage report: Military + financial scarce specimens benefit from military-civilian integration + industry-finance integration trust securities leases are improving

AVIC Capital (600705): First coverage report: Military + financial scarce specimens benefit from military-civilian integration + industry-finance integration trust securities leases are improving

AVIC Capital is the only financial holding listed company controlled by China Aviation Industry Corporation.

The company holds trust, lease, futures, securities, and finance company licenses through the “Integrated Finance” platform (AVIC Investment).

In addition, AVIC has established Beijing Rongfu Aviation Industry Fund, Huihua Fund, etc., and holds fund licenses.

At the same time, in order to improve the layout of the full financial license, he participated in the establishment of AMC (Chengdu Yihang Asset Management Co., Ltd.).

Under the industrial investment platform, the company invested in a series of high-quality development industry projects through AVIC Xinxing (established in 2012), AVIC Aviation Investment (established in 2013), and the Aviation Industry Fund, making full use of the strong military background, development, industrial resources andBrand advantages, closely surrounding the various industrial chain of the aviation industry, actively explore aviation industry investment, focus on the development of strategic emerging industries, and look for growth points outside the aviation industry.

The company finally perfected the full layout of financial licenses, and at the same time deeply integrated industrial industries and financial resources.

Industrial demand supports the growth of capital, 杭州夜網論壇 and support from shareholders also inputs abundant resources to finance; at the same time, a complete business license meets this capitalization demand of the industry, and capital business optimization can also feed back the healthy development of the industry.

“Military industry + finance” formed a good interactive cycle.

As a scarce A-share target of military industry + finance, the company will become the primary benefit target of military securitization and military-civilian integration.

In 2018, the company’s operating performance continued to grow.

The company’s net profit attributable to its mother was 31 in 2018.

66 trillion, +13 for ten years.

74%; 2012-2018 composite strength 27.


2018 weighted ROE12.

90% in December 2017.

A solid growth was achieved on the basis of 33%.

Leasing, trust and finance business are the top three major sources of income for the company.

In 2018, the lease, trust, finance, and securities accounted for 51 of the company’s revenue structure.

66%, 21.

59%, 16.

86%, 6.

09%; lease, trust, finance, and securities account for 31%, 35%, 20%, and 4% of the profit structure, and the contribution rate of trust to profits.

Among the business segments, trust companies have the largest gross profit margins and the strongest profitability.

AVIC Trust has enhanced its proactive management capabilities and driven its performance to increase, and is a major contributor to the Group’s profits.

Among the 68 trust companies, AVIC Trust has strong innovation and design capabilities. It has issued the first products of various trusts in the market. The business returns are good and ROE is at the leading level in the industry.

In terms of leasing companies, the background of aviation leasing + industrial integration has obvious advantages.

AVIC Securities plans to increase its capital, and the future is expected to improve.

In terms of industrial investment, the project reserves are abundant, and it is not ruled out that the exit can be achieved through capital markets such as the science and technology board, and the future will be rich.

Overall perspective: The company’s sustainable operating performance continues to grow.

The capital increase of trusts and leases has been completed, and the capital increase plan of securities has been formed, and the capital strength of each business has been further enhanced.

The profitability of the trust is at the forefront of the industry. Leasing has the absolute advantage of the aviation business. The securities business is expected to be optimistic. The financial company has strengthened capital management and its performance is optimistic.

In addition, the increase in shareholders’ holdings and the date of war investment highlights long-term optimistic expectations.

“Military + Finance” business synergy is good.

According to AVIC Capital’s profit realization in 2018 and the capital strength of each business line, we use segment estimates for the trust and PB valuation for the remaining businesses, with a corresponding target price of 8.

68 yuan, 49 compared with the current price.

14% increase, the first coverage “Buy” rating!

Risk Tips: Market and Operational Risks, Financial Risks, Management Risks

Focus Media (002027) Annual and Quarterly Commentary: Surge in Resource Costs, Pressure on Performance, Expansion Recommendations in 19Q1, Suggestions on Marginal Change

Focus Media (002027) Annual and Quarterly Commentary: Surge in Resource Costs, Pressure on Performance, Expansion Recommendations in 19Q1, Suggestions on Marginal Change

Events: 1. The company announced an 18-year report with revenue of 145.

500 million, a year-on-year increase of +21.

12%, net profit attributable to mother 58.

200 million, YOY-3.

03%, deducting non-net profit 50.

2.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of +3.


The company plans to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 1 (including tax) for every 10 shares.

2. 19Q1 revenue was 26.

110,000 yuan, 11 year on year.

78%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

40,000 yuan, YOY-71.

81%, net of non-attributed net profit1.

160,000 yuan, YOY-89.


3. It is foreseen that the net profit range for mothers in 19H1 is 7.


0 million yuan, YOY-77.

88% to -67.

12 %% 4, the company plans to use its own idle funds for venture capital, the maximum amount of overdue accumulated up to 3 billion yuan.

Opinions: 1. Macroeconomic indicators affect 19Q1 revenue increase of at least 12%; 18Q1 has not yet entered the rapid expansion period cost base replacement, resulting in a 19% decrease in 19Q1 net profit: 18 year revenue 145.

500 million, a year-on-year increase of +21.

12%, net profit attributable to mother 58.

230,000 yuan, -3 compared with the same period last year.

03%, deducting non-net profit of 50%.

2.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of +3.

58%, due to the expected impact of the macro economy, and the rapid increase in costs caused by the rapid expansion of resources in 18Q2, 18Q3 began to achieve significant results.

Expense rate for 19 years is 19.

8%, basically the same as the previous year; relative to the 17-year distribution income, the 18-year distribution income replaced.

Net cash of operating 杭州桑拿網 activities for 18 years 37.

Over 8.3 billion US dollars, the growth exceeded and decreased sequentially, mainly due to the rapid growth of receivables and asset impairment losses, the core customer repayment cycle generally changed, resulting in slower growth in operating cash growth than revenue growth.

2. 18Q2 entered a period of rapid expansion, and the scale of 19Q1 resources expanded: Since 18Q2, the company has expanded the media resources of TV and elevator posters.

As of the end of 2018, a media network of living circles covering about 300 cities nationwide has been formed. While deepening the core areas of first- and second-tier cities, it has actively expanded to the surrounding areas of first- and second-tier cities, and has accelerated the sinking of third- and fourth-tier cities.Exploiting overseas markets 北京夜網 in Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore. At the end of 18 years, the company’s self-operated elevator media totaled about 266.

20,000 pieces, with an expected addition of 1.21 million pieces; until 19Q1 it was 275.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 9 in a single quarter.

30,000 yuan, the relative growth rate.

At the end of 18, more than 1,900 cinemas were signed and more than 12,700 screens were on display. Blockbusters such as “Reunion 4” are expected to boost the 19Q2 box office.

3. Reliance on Internet customers and single customers has decreased, and the customer structure has improved: In 18 years, the company’s consumer goods industry customers contributed revenue34.10,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +43.

8%, revenue accounted for 23.

5%, has surpassed the Internet industry to become the advertising industry with the largest revenue contribution.

The relatively stable investment in the consumer goods industry and the increase in the proportion of the consumer goods industry is an improvement on the company’s overall customer structure.

Five of the top 18 customers 18 years ago.

8 ‰, accounting for 19% of the total budget.

8%, a decrease of 2.

3 units.

4. Profit forecast and investment grade: We predict that the company’s net profit for 19-21 will be 33.


4/49 billion, EPS is 0.



33 yuan, corresponding to 18-20 years PE is 30.




We are optimistic about the media in the life circle for a long time and maintain the “recommended” level.

Risk reminders: changes in the macroeconomic cycle, the downturn in the advertising industry, intensified competition in the industry, loss of core talents, less than expected performance, increased rental costs, increased labor costs, less-than-expected compensation, receivables recovery, bad debt losses, lifting of bansRisks, such as holding down the center

Eight benefits of garlic over ginseng

Eight benefits of garlic over ginseng

Everyone knows that garlic has a sterilizing effect. Scientific research has found that the magical effect of garlic can go far beyond sterilizing.

It is a perfect nutrient, and it is also an excellent green natural medicine.

Studies have shown that the nutritional value of garlic even exceeds that of ginseng . 1.

Powerful bactericidal, antiviral allicine is a unique component of garlic. When it enters the blood, it becomes allicin. This allicin can kill typhoid, influenza, and influenza virus.

It has a good killing effect on pathogens and parasites. It can prevent colds and relieve colds such as fever, cough, sore throat and stuffy nose.


Promote blood circulation of the skin Garlic can remove the aged cuticle of the skin, soften the skin and enhance its elasticity. It can also prevent sun exposure, melanin deposition and whitening.


Strong oxidant and improve immunity. Allicin combined with vitamin B1 can produce alliamine, which has the effect of eliminating fatigue and enhancing physical strength.

The tendon contained in garlic is a non-renewable component involved in muscle activity and also has an effect on semen production.


Cancer and cancer garlic can interrupt the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens in the body.

In the end, its anti-cancer effect is in 40 kinds of vegetables and fruits, arranged in a pyramid, and garlic is located on the top of the tower.

Of the more than 100 ingredients, dozens of them have individual anticancer effects.

The rich organic germanium compounds in garlic are used in combination with some anticancer drugs to synergistically inhibit local tumor growth or prevent tumor metastasis; organic germanium compounds can stimulate the production of interferons in the body, and the anticancer effect of interferons has beenMedically proven.


Heart disease cardio-cerebral vascular disease Allicin can promote metabolism, reduce cholesterol, inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce plasma concentration, increase dilatation of arterioles, implant vasodilation, reduce blood pressure, increase blood vessel permeability, and thus inhibit the thrombus.Formation and prevention of arteriosclerosis.

Therefore, it has a certain effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and arteriosclerosis.


Protect liver function. The trace element selenium in garlic can participate in the aerobic metabolism of the blood to remove toxins and reduce the burden of detoxification of the liver, thereby protecting the liver.


Reduce blood sugar to prevent diabetes Garlic can promote the secretion of insulin, increase the absorption of glucose by tissue cells, increase the body’s glucose tolerance, rapidly reduce blood glucose levels in the body, and eliminate and kill various pathogens that cause diabetes infection, thereby effectively preventing and treating diabetes.


Anti-aging selenium plays an antioxidant role in the form of glutathione peroxidase, and the oxidized superoxide dismutase in garlic also has an inestimable antioxidant effect.

This antioxidant effect protects cell membranes and has an elongated anti-aging effect.

  In short, garlic is a treasure all over, sterilizing howl.

However, you can’t eat more garlic, because garlic is irritating to the stomach. It is good to eat several cloves for a meal. Of course, eating garlic oil has a better sterilization effect.

Bad habits, babies easily become deformed

Bad habits, babies easily become deformed

Guide: Parents do n’t want their children to look good, but if they do n’t pay attention to the child ‘s bad habits, they may change their faces.

  Beware of bad habits caused by baby’s facial deformity: sucking fingers or sucking fingers is not even hygienic, and it is easy to shift and twist the newly sprung incisors.

Fingers are often sucked to reduce finger skin damage.

  This habit of unilateral chewing often occurs in young children who chew. It is usually caused by gingivitis, dental caries or missing teeth.

And long-term use of hypertensive teeth to chew food will cause chewing food to increase blood sugar, while the contralateral muscle atrophy and subsidence, the phenomenon of skewed mouth angle.

  Lip biting Some children, especially girls, bite the lip to stop itching or pissing off because of itchy teeth or being reprimanded by their parents; some children bite the lip when they see a stranger shy.

In this way, for a long time, it will cause deformities such as open lips, tooth anterior protrusion, and raised lips.

  When a tongue-extending baby begins to extend the tongue, it is an unconscious behavior, but after developing a bad habit of tongue extension, it causes the front teeth to be squeezed to cause irregularities or protrusions.

  Health tips to prevent children’s bad habits generally start with the baby.

For babies who suck their fingers, they should put their hands on their bodies while they are sleeping, and wrap them with a quilt; older children, even apply some bitter and non-toxic substances to the finger parts that they often suck;Children who are used to it should use amusement to divert their attention to achieve the purpose of correction; when the child finds chewing pain or often chews on one side, he should check the mouth for dental caries and other diseases.

Patients with oral diseases should be actively treated. After curing, chew on the other side to develop good habits.

Sex dinner plan keeps love fresh

Sex dinner plan keeps love fresh

Madam, what shall we eat tonight?

“This is a sentence that you often hear in your daily life. Western or Chinese?

Buffet or a la carte?

Eat out or eat at home?

Xiangdong and Xiangxi are couples who have been married for 12 years, her husband Xiangdong is a newspaper reporter, and his wife is a makeup artist on TV. They are like men and women in love every day. It is enviable. When I invited this stylish couple to have coffee and chat, They have revealed a lot of individualistic emotional preservation methods, one of which is about the treatment of “sex”, Xiang Dong said: dinner can discuss with his wife on the phone how to eat, why not have sex as dinnerHave a plan?

  Therefore, Xiangdong believes that every time sex is fresh or not, unless the husband is creative and predicts in advance, their experience is: “sex” as a “story” to operate, there are plots, roles, time and place and other elements,Changes in any one of the “elements” will lead to slightly different feelings.

  Where: Where do sex work?

  Where does the “story” unfold?

It’s a matter of location.

Under normal circumstances, of course on the bed, but every day spread out plots on the bed, seeing the limitations and no new ideas.

Xiang Dong said that the newlywed honeymoon will be inexplicably excited when seeing the bed. At that time, “sex” is full of vitality, easy to be impulsive, and does not pay attention to the location.”Flammable” newcomers, just thinking about the joy of two-in-one, never thinking that cherries in a saucer are beautiful or hung on a tree. Those are some happy days. As long as there is a bed, the whole city is theirs.At night, passion and orgasm are performed, and the bed is all to them.

  After each month, the bed in the bedroom lay on some rigid, and said to the east, “We should push the battlefield from the bedroom to the sofa in the living room.

“In his opinion, the lingering on the sofa was” a bit unfair “, but very twisted.

Obviously, what happened on the sofa couldn’t be smooth and stable, and it felt a bit like walking on a wooden bridge. Moreover, the body must be adjusted a lot. Lying half or reclining will produce many wonderful associations.

At this time, the body is the “protagonist” and the sofa is like a sexy prop.

Everything was suddenly not complete, but the feeling of eating a fruit salad was not to fill the stomach, but to eat out of mood.

  As a result, the foreplay extends from the pillow to the living room.

Later, Xiangdong developed a new location, which is the study’s wooden floor, very environmentally friendly, naked in the book, letting go of all the baggage, the floor is the stage, free and unrestrained, tumble freely.

There is a change of indulgence, which can instead relax the nerves, muscles and bones, so that the body language is fully mobilized, permeated with a sensual madness, reaching the highest point.

  Everyone has a “hydrophilic desire”, so there is a pleasant “water-based” in the lust. The hot water with fragrance and petals in the bathtub should be the most volatile.

Put water to the east and sprinkle rose petals to the west. The two looked at the water flowers in front of the standing mirror. The shadow in the mirror gradually became richer and the eyes gradually blurred. Such a romance, created with water, diffused with fog, and more closely with twoXinhuiying . It seems as if back to the ancient times, in the sea where humans live, water is the best comfort. The freed up hands are also idle, used for play, the kind of ecstasy, very ecstasy!

  All the places in the room have been used, and Xiangdong began to consider going to the balcony “Chulu”. He is a man who likes to challenge. At midnight, he uses the night to cover. It is very ambiguous. “It feels a little stealing.”Quick decision, but refreshing, very exciting, legal couples, watching dew on the balcony to form flowers on the balcony, there is an indescribable stimulus that makes their husband and wife abnormal, some windows in the tall buildings in the distance are lit, they lie on the balconyThe upper snickers, as if unpopular, someone peeping, but in the thrill, they succeeded to the top, the scenery was infinite, and the heart was refreshed.

  Later, there were children, and there were several people in the family, sometimes old people and some nanny.

So they bought a car, and naturally became a fashionable “lathe family”.

It is said that 80% of the first sexual intercourse between young people in Europe and the United States occurred in a car. It was a romantic place, and wherever you parked, you felt like an island.

The night breeze, the sea of lights in the distance, the sound of insects, the stars or the moonlight, provided a lot of unexpected stage backgrounds for their sex stories.

  This white-collar couple is a workaholic and a night owl. Sometimes, driving east to the west, the huge TV station building is very mysterious and quiet.It feels like the chairs and tables are their “sex” props.

  The most luxurious trip was to go west to Xiamen for a business trip.

At midnight, Xiangdong suddenly appeared in the hotel. The surprise made Xiangxi scream and shiver.

The white sheets were very pure, but they used the “most degraded and the most indecent way” to do the things that husbands and wives should do. It was the most memorable experience. It was full of lover’s gunpowder flavor, as if after “one night stand”,You have to go your separate ways, one on Mercury and one on Saturn.

  Love can be as simple as having a heart.

Sex is more complex and interesting. The choice and change of location is the easiest connection and the easiest connection.

  Characters: Two people’s “character library” erotic “characters” are always two, but “characters” can be many.

Xiang Xi said that to be able to see each other after marriage, this requires strong love to support, and can also attract each other through the continuous development and change of the roles of the husband and wife.

  Xiangxi, who likes the literary tune, likes the couple to play the protagonists of love and heroines in the movie, just like “The Cowherd and the Weaver”, “The Positioning Bridge’s Dream”, and even the “Titanic” . Xiangdong found some classic lines, two peopleRecite them one day in advance, and then enter the role play with a “seal”.

Her husband Xiangdong also made a lot of masks. When two “unknown” lovers had only one mask “shame” in the whole body, the picture was very postmodern, substantive, funny, and a little weird.More importantly, they virtually prolonged the “foreplay”.

Things to be done tomorrow night are being prepared a few days in advance. This “preparing for war” feeling often makes him unable to bear a smile. The sweetness and expectation cannot be experienced by outsiders.

“Home theater” has also become another scene in their home. This kind of DIY sex role processing is full of fun.  The actor Xiangdong also likes to play some other more specific role conversions, and some body treatments.

In odd days, he plays the “protagonist” and takes the initiative to attack. The position arrangement is male and female. On the contrary, in even days, the Phoenix is supreme and subverts Qiankun.

In normal posture, the skin of the two can be tightly attached, and the man can give full play to his subjective initiative.

The advantage of the “female superior” is that the man can see the woman’s style show. Various expressions different from the normal can greatly stimulate the man’s emotions, very provocative, shaking and hot body, charged, shining!!
Xiangdong sometimes plays some other tricks. Some “back postures” are very conquering, and they “spread a crime of anger.”

The change of body position can lead to many different character experiences. Of course, it depends on the mood of the day. For example, on “Women’s Day”, the wife takes the idea to the west. Everything is up to her. On Father’s Day,Dong raised his eyebrows and exhaled.
Feng Shui takes turns, each doing his best and getting what he needs.

Of course, the arrangement of roles must be considered in conjunction with the background of time and space. Sometimes in the small cars in the suburbs, the wildness of the woman is often more able to disperse the inner energy of the two sides: while the passion on the balcony is best controlled by the man because the “”The crisis is perilous,” and the husband must take responsibility . Mr. Xiangdong, a Pisces man, is full of “suits and ghosts.”

His proposal to his wife started like this: On the highway, he was driving westward on a motorcycle and was suddenly stopped by a police officer saying that he violated the rules . Finally, the police officer who was about to tear the ticket asked strangely, “But,You have the right to make a choice, one is fine, and the other is to propose to this girl!

“Xiang Xi was stupid at the time. There was such a law enforcement policeman in the world. Just when she was inexplicable, Xiang Dong replied cheerfully:” I am proposing!

“Then he knelt down on one leg solemnly and took out an engagement ring from his pocket magically . fainting westward, so he accepted it unclearly but willingly.

Afterwards, Xiangxi learned that the so-called “policeman” was played by a friend of Xiangdong.

Xiangdong likes to be unique. He believes that this will be memorable and memorable for life.

  Similarly, Xiangdong also brought this comedic factor into their marriage life, especially the “sex story”.

The so-called “plot” is to make the process tortuous. Generally men only pay attention to the results, and even if they are satisfied, they have sex. Xiangdong likes the “process” and likes to make the process tortuous to enhance the amplitude and suddennessIt’s hard to commend the other party for some surprises.

  One weekend, east and west, staying at home “drunk and dreaming”, brewing espresso, making love, drinking coffee, going to bed, waking up again-of course . Of course, this is not a lot, but they like to useCoffee fills the bedroom with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Once, Xiangdong was making coffee and asked to go west to change the leopard-print underwear. When he pulled out a long-lost underwear from the closet, he found a small bag with a pin on it and opened it.It actually cost $ 1,000. Who was this scared to the west?

Why is it like this?

  When Xixiang was surprised and happy to hold US dollars and asked Xiangdong, Xiangdong Manhu looked suspiciously: “You ask me, I want to ask you, one of them is a foreigner?”

Be honest!

It ‘s hard to argue to the west. It ‘s so hard to jump into the Minjiang River!

Just when she was about to call the police to find out what was happening in the water and fight for an innocent reputation for herself, Xiangdong suddenly laughed and hugged her, “Just a joke for you!

It’s my tip.

While facing west, beating her husband coquettishly, he ordered him to confess where so many dollars came from . Noisy, ups and downs, unexpected surprises and gains were the best aphrodisiac for women, and they were in full swing all night.Lead the two burning bodies to the top.

On another occasion, Xiangdong quietly “knit” the cling film in advance from the study to the living room like a spider’s web, then turned off the light and lit the ambiguous fragrance candle.

Xiangxi was surfing the Internet in his study, and Xiangdong suddenly called in his bedroom: “Wife, I’m not comfortable on my chest. Come and help me .” When Xixiang rushed out of the study, he suddenly fell into the “gentleness” set by Xiangdong.In the “Internet” . When Xiangxi knew that he was on the road, he was angry and annoyed that he had a “chest pain” riding underneath him, and the prologue of a pink war was opened . Many times, a prank can make oneFeelings are fully mobilized. This kind of flirting is very unique and a little bit tricky. It is easy to let people “play” forever. Regardless of the sex buttons of men and women, they need some intentional management. This kind of “”Excitation,” the critical heating of couples’ sex.